Nose Hunger

I’ve always smelled. But I really started to smell – as in: read about smells, imagine smells, mentally catalog smells, in addition to the regular smelling – in college. I was sitting in the school library, reading one of those sneaky ads (10 pROdUctS oUR EditOrs lOVeD tHis juLY teehee buy them NOW). I read a description of a perfume, and suddenly, my nose was hungry. My nose was really hungry. I wanted to smell something complicated and beautiful – a smell made by someone who really knew their stuff. But I didn’t own any perfume. And I was in a nowheresville town with nary a perfume department to be found. It was winter – no good plants to smell. So I just started reading and reading and reading about smells. 

That nose hunger has been alive and well ever since, so I’m finally going to start writing about smells, instead of just thinking and reading. Join me!

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