Review: Le Labo – Neroli 36

The word ‘Neroli’ refers to an essential oil produced through steam distillation of the blossom of the bitter orange tree. Neroli smells citrusy, sharp, and herbal to me. If you want to smell it, try the essential oil section of a hippie grocery store. 

With a name like “Neroli 36’, I expected this perfume to smell like, well, neroli, but honestly it doesn’t. It smells soft and sweet, with a small punch of plastic. I smell sunscreen, playdough, tootsie roll, orange blossom. There’s even a bit of coconut in there, to my nose. I imagine this would make me nostalgic for my childhood if I’d grown up like the children in commercials do. A great big whiff of that connecticut corporate americana vibe – like the Draper family in Madmen, if they lived in the 2000s and quit smoking. 

I don’t like ‘Neroli 36’, but it’s still engaging to smell. Definitely poorly named. I’d call it ‘Suburbia Summer’ or ‘Beach Day with Babysitter’.

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