Jour D’Hermes Absolu

My friend said the first sniff made him think of dish soap. I’m sure Hermes would love that. But i think it’s true-ish! Because it smells good, citrusy, fresh, and sweet. First sniff turns into second sniff because this is delicious and I want to eat it. What does it smell like? My first thought is grapefruit, but less like the actual fruit and more like those Haribo gummies. I also smell flowers – roses, honeysuckle, mock orange, perhaps. Maybe there’s even a teensy bit of apple or pear? It’s like a candied jelly from a VERY posh candy shop. Basically, it makes me want to sashay around and use words like “effervescent.”

This smell was made by perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena. He’s one of the Big Names in perfume, and he’s known for making airy, delicate smells. I think I love him! Jour d’Hermes Absolu smells smooth and well-mixed. It manages to be sweet without being a)powdery, which makes me want to sneeze or b) middleschool-ey, which I mostly do not want. That’s rare! 

And that bottle! Mine’s a mini (from this coffret set). The thickness of the glass makes it look like the liquid is floating mid-air, which suits the smell. As for the name – I think it works. I like that it tells me nothing about the components of the smell. 

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