Deep Cuts

A Conversation on Passionfruit with Em and M

Note: / denotes overlapping speech

M: This is one of my favorite flavors that exists. Yes.

Em: I was struck when I cut it open that it smells bright and sweet and tart but also like a touch of something rotting, or like/ like a heavy…?

M: Oh

Long pause.

Em: What do you think?

M: /yeah 

Em: like not rotting flesh but a rotting peach. 

M: mmm.


M: Maybe that quality that you’re describing is what’s left out when they make candy /in the flavor of foods

Em: / yeah yeah yeah yeah

M: It’s like they don’t get a depth to it, its a surface level

Em: Yeah like the meaty part. Or the, i don’t know, fatty…There’s some pineapple for sure. To just describe it in terms of another fruit. 

M: Maybe that rounded, deep  – what you said was rotting  – is also kind of herb-ish 

Em: Oh they’re the same thing? I thought they were  – that was-  sort of two.. Woah [laughs] the more I smell – 

M. Wait I’m gonna get S.

Em: Ok ‘cause this time I was like – grape juice??

Long pause

Em: I’ve never noticed the way it attaches to the rind with before. With those little, um, implantations…hmm…green apple. I’m tempted to just describe it in terms of all kinds of other fruits.  Pineapple, green apple – 

S: Pineapple for sure

Em:  Green grape, grape juice- 

M: Grape juice!

Em: Welch’s. I love that stuff. It smells like it should taste alcoholic

S: (a light bulb moment) Syrup. 

Em: It really makes me salivate

M: Can we eat it?

Em: (to S) Ohh it’s making you tremble. Shiver with delight!

M: All of us are smiling, yeah.

Em: (delighted) We’re all smiling!

They eat

Em: Woah.

M: Wow

S:It’s like a better version of a super artificial candy

Em: I can’t believe it’s natural. But yeah, I feel like this is the inspiration for all gummy candy regardless of the top flavor, this is the base flavor of gummy bears, gummy worms…

M: The first time I had a passionfruit I was in Rarotonga, and it was raining, and it was the only day the market was going to be open. And I went and bought, i don’t know, a bag of four. And I had a bunch of origami paper – my brother had just been to Japan, where gift culture is a huge deal, you give gifts to everyone – and he said just make a bunch of stuff with your origami paper and give it to people. And so I gave her a butterfly, just to say thanks, and then she insisted on giving me four times as many passionfruits.

Em: And then what did you think when you first ate it?

M: I mean I was just in love. Just in love with a passionfruit.

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